European competitiveness


On 22 October 2008, ITEA 2 & ARTEMISIA Association will co-organise the ARTEMIS & ITEA 2 Co-summit. The Co-summit is organised as part of the ITEA 2 Symposium (21-22 October) and the ARTEMIS Annual Event (22-23 October), which will take place in Congress Centre de Doelen in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The programme is scheduled around this year’s theme: European competitiveness and well-being through ICT-based innovation. The programme includes viewpoints from industries and Public Authorities on the theme and the contributions of ITEA 2 and ARTEMISIA. Furthermore parallel sessions will be held on practical ICT-based approaches to real challenges in society and economy.

An exhibition with over 50 projects showcasing their results and achievements with demos, on 21 & 22 October will again be a focal point of the event.


The first day of the ITEA 2 Symposium (21 Oct.) is on invitation only, but the Co-summit (22 Oct.) and parts of the ARTEMIS Annual event (23 Oct.) have an open registration. For more information and registration:

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