Cap Digital’s Cooperation Agreement with Rio Convergencia Digital

The cluster Rio Convergencia Digital brings together in a Local Production System, businesses, research centers, the Rio de Janeiro town hall, and the government of the State of Rio de Janeiro, to promote Research and Development activities, products, and services in the Digital Content sector.

The State of Rio de Janeiro is one of the principal producers of audiovisual content. The headquarters of major telecom operators as well as the most important Brazilian television channel are based in Rio. In Rio, there is also a large number of universities and research laboratories specialized in technologies related to digital television, virtual reality, graphics, and multimedia content. In the same area, there is also a very large number of small and medium sized businesses that develop software for the industry.

Cap Digital and Rio Digital have agreed to implement a four-part action plan:

1.    Establish an information-exchange platform
2.    Create a group to identify common project opportunities    
3.    Structure joint missions for businesses
4.    Develop exchange programs

A first business mission is planned from August 30 to September 3. If you are already active in the Brazilian market or if you wish to proble this very French favorable market’s potential, contact Eduardo Oliveira eduardo.oliveira[at] Schools and laboratories that are already cooperating with Brazil or wish to develop their collaboration, are equally encouraged to contact Eduardo Oliveira. 

OSEO’s France-Brazil call will support you in the development of a collaborative project and enable you to benefit from significant funding.