Nouvelle conférence – Education Design

Cap Digital, Microsoft et Groupe Compas se réunissent pour la 5ème fois et vous proposent une nouvelle conférence « Education Design » (en anglais)

Digital Native ou digital naïve ?

Le vendredi 27 janvier 2012, de 16h à 18h – Amphithéâtre de l’Espace des sciences Pierre-Gilles de Gennes au 10 rue Vauquelin – 75005 Paris

Venez écouter :

•    Edith Ackermann – Professeur de Psychologie à l’Université Aix-Marseille 1, invitée au Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
“We are wary of claims that polarize the divide between so-called “digital natives” (people born after 1980) and what Marc Prensky refers to as “digital immigrants” (people born and raised in the pre-digital era). This said, we are also witnessing an unprecedented cultural shift, or epistemic mutation, the symptoms of which are only magnified in today’s youth’s genres of engagement. We call the changes “epistemic” because they question how pre-digital cultures have come to define what it means to be knowledgeable, creative, and literate, and what it takes to become so. Question is: How deep are these changes running and to what extent do they reflect and shape how today’s children and youth play, learn, and create?”

•    Mitchel Resnick – Professeur au Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) et directeur du laboratoire Lifelong Kindergarten
“It has become commonplace to refer to young people as “digital natives,” because of their apparent fluency with digital technologies. And, indeed, many young people are very comfortable sending text messages, playing online games, and browsing the web. But does that really make them fluent with new technologies? Although young people interact with digital media all of the time, few of them can create their own games, animations, or simulations. It’s as if they can “read” but not “write”.”

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