Futur en Seine On Tour (Asia!)

Futur en Seine On Tour 2010 is the event being offered for the digital Paris region in Asia, by Cap Digital the Paris Regional Economic Development Agency, the Ile-de-France Region, and the Advancity and System@tic clusters. This offer is being extended to project leaders that have prototypes to demo.

Futur en Seine On Tour will take place during the 2010 second semester. Its aim is to promote the Ile-de-France’s digital content in strategic Asian countries, in terms of usage and technology, by capitalizing on Futur en Seine 2009’s success and announcing the 2011 edition. This high-visibility event will be an opportunity to:

-       Showcase the Ile-de-France’s know-how in the development, production, and distribution of digital content (schools, research labs, companies), via presentations of prototypes and demonstrators.

-       Promote the actors of the business clusters Advancity, Cap Digital, and System@tic and their engagement to the sustainable digital city.

-       Prepare the international dimension of Futur en Seine 2011.

The tour will be an opportunity to reinforce partnerships and cooperation with the actors in the host countries of this event and facilitate their presence in the Ile-de-France region for Futur en Seine 2011.

Three cities are involved:

-       Shanghai. On the occasion of the World Expo 2010, there will be an SME mission to Shanghai July 3-10, 2010 along with press action.

-       Seoul, World Design Capital for 2010. On this occasion, the Korean capital holds the Seoul Design Fair starting September 17th for the third consecutive year.

-       Tokyo, around the Digital Content Expo, from October 25-29, 2010 (dates to be confirmed).

The Offer

If you have been selected in a call for prototypes for Futur en Seine 2009 or 2011, if you have remarkable “cutting edge” productions, demonstrators able to be displaced or remotely deployed in Korea or Japan, if you are a company, a project leader, a school or research lab, we can offer:

-       To showcase your demonstrators and prototypes in a show that is both professional and open to the public

-       To meet interesting partners through tailored meetings

-       To take part in specialized conferences on the sustainable digital city and the digital future

-       To connect with important Asian digital networks

-       To benefit from press events and photo ops from the event


Participation is entirely adaptable to your interest in the host countries. You may choose two stages or one. The dates currently planned are:

-       Shanghai – July 3 to 10, 2010

-       Seoul – Week of September 19

-       Tokyo – Week of October 25 (dates to be confirmed)

The practical details will soon be communicated. A contribution by PREDA Ile-de-France, on Region funds, is already obtained and will minimize the costs that will be modulated in function of the participants’ category (SME, research labs, university, schools, and corporations).

At this point, we do not need a firm commitment, only for a manifestation of interest on your behalf in order to quickly present the possible subjects to our Asian partners and draw up, with them, the form of our event. We will be in Japan and in Korea early April. We need your feedback rapidly.


Seoul and Tokyo: let us know if you are interested!


If you are interested by this initiative, if you would like to make a suggestion or if would simply like to receive more information, please contact:

- Pauline Cabanes, if you are a member of Cap Digital:
Email: pauline.cabanes@capdigital.com
Tel.: +33(0)1 40 41 74 94

- Thierry Louvet, if you are a member of System@tic:
Email: t.louvet@systematic-paris-region.org
Tel.: +33(0)1 69 81 65 80

- Vincent Cousin, if you are a member of Advancity:
Email: vincent.cousin@advancity.eu
Tel.: +33 (0)1 45 92 65 96

Shanghai: SME Mission in Shanghai

Gaëlle Zovi: gaelle.zovi[@]capdigital.com  

Tel. +33(0)1 40 41 11 62


Benefit from the communication around Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo!

Gaëlle Couraud : gaelle.couraud[@]capdigital.com

Tel. +33(0)1 40 41 11 84