Quantic Dream Announces that Heavy Rain Worldwide Sales Break Through 500,000!

This interactive thriller game will have taken nearly four years of production by Quantic Dream, member of Cap Digital. Developed exclusively for the PS3, Sony is Heavy Rain’s editor. The game has been available in Europe since February 24th. It has taken less than two weeks for Quantic Dream to rise to the challenge and have the public enthusiastically endorse this new genre game.

Plot: How far will you go to save the one you love?

Somewhere on the East Coast, a city is being terrorized by “the Origami Killer.” The victims are drowned, their bodies found four days after disappearing. The only clue is an origami and orchid placed on the dead bodies.

The city is increasingly gripped by fear and paranoia.  Despite their investigations, the authorities are no closer to identifying a credible suspect. Another potential victim disappears – Shaun Mars.

As the clock ticks on amidst suspicions and anxiety, four very different people are drawn to the investigation – each following their own leads in a desperate search for Shaun.

Each of them knows what the cost will be if they don’t reach him in time – and they will soon be forced to ask themselves just how far they are prepared to go…