The Animated Short Film Logorama Sweeps the Animated Short Film Category at the 2010 Oscars

Press Release MARCH, 08 2010

The Animated Short Film Logorama Sweeps the Animated Short Film Category at the 2010 Oscars

Horrah! LOGORAMA, the animation short film star production of the H5 collective (François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy and Ludovic Houplain) was acclaimed at the Oscars ceremony, Sunday March 7th, at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. Cap Digital congratulates Mikros Image, the film’s co-producer, and shares the enthusiasm of the French animation sectors as a whole.

The animation film has just received the very coveted Oscars statue, in the Short Film Animated category.  Mikros image, member of the Cap Digital business cluster, co-produced and supported the project since its very beginning. French studio’s highly talented graphic community spent during more than 4 years, developing and making the film in full 3D.

Cap Digital celebrates this well-earned award which marks the accomplishment of a beautiful adventure and encourages the entire French animation sector. After the Gobelins students’ film Oktapodi’s nomination in 2009, the Ile-de France talent is again honored at Hollywood.
The international visibility of French creativity is a major asset to our companies’ performance. All we are now waiting for is an “Animation Film” category for the Césars.

Press release MARCH 8, 2010 Contact Presse : Gaëlle Couraud / 01 40 41 11 84 / / Compte twitter : Cap_Digital

Written and directed by the H5 Collective: François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy, Ludovic Houplain
Production : Autour de Minuit, H5, Addict, Mikros image, Arcadi, CNC, Canal+
Post-production / animation studio: Mikros image
VFX Producer: Pascal Giroux
Animation Director: Michaël Nauzin
Lighting Director: Guillaume Ho Tsong Fang
Lead Animator: Alexandre Sauthier
Animation: Julien Aubard, Guillaume Bergere, Patrice Cailhol, Damien Climent, Nicolas Deleyris, Thomas Dufour, Renaud Mégange, Michaël Nauzin, Rudy Pierrat, Maximilien Royo, Alexandre Sauthier
FX : Bastien Brenot, Freddy Kone, Mohamed Marouene
Layout : Nicolas Barbleux, Damien Climent, Michaël Nauzin, Alexandre Sauthier
R&D : Laurent Clavier, Julien Dubuisson
Render Wrangler : Benoît Gille
Talent scout : Emilie Fraboul
Lighting : Jarina Amach, Mathias Barday, Benjamin Basso Bert, Judikaël Bourdonnay, Henri Bouvand, Romain Croyerer, Kostia Deldo, Jonathan Deniard, Damien Devaux, Laetitia Gabrielli, Hans Godard, Paul-Emile Gramond, Guillaume Ho Tsong Fang, Freddy Kone, Luc Martias, Joseph Pegurier, Simon Rafin, Morgan Sagel, Mathieu de St Jores, Manu Souillac, Quentin Sur, Hugues de Tournemire, Milan Voukassovitch
Modeling : Stéphane Dutournier, Thomas Mouraille, Olivier Mitonneau, Benjamin Lenfant, Jérôme Martinez, Thomas Cristian, Vincent Voetglin, Marie Heine, Hans Godard
Compositing : Yann Aldabe, Etienne Bolo, Laetitia Nicolas, Damien Hurgon, Simon Rafin, Mohamed Marouene, Mathias Barday, Luc Martias
Calibration: Jacky Lefresne
Outline Brigade: Constance Bouché, Jean-Baptiste d’Enquin, Stéphane Flores, Cédric Hervet, Steven Liszka, Julien Pinot

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